White Label Report

Your local search engine optimization ranking totally depends on many factors. One of which is the amount of information you know and monitor about your site (In local search engines). Your information here actually means your business name, address and phone (Checking for Inconsistency) and a number of citations your site has on the top directories that are highly related to your business niche. In other words, a white label report is an SEO report that is professionally detailed to show report about all information about your business rankings on local search listings. This information is usually prepared with an online tool.

We do understand that some of you are not tech savvy and SEO gurus. This is why we made our report very plain, beautiful and easy to understand. We will also give you the report along with your username, password, listing status & URL for each site so that you fully understand what is happening on your site. White Label reports are also useful when you want to keep track of the number of listings you have, where these listings are, If they are NAP consistent and much more. This way, You can successfully track your growth rate over time and know where you need improvement.It can also be used to spy on your competitors and beat them in the long run.


Our white label report is created to easily brand your business making your report look absolutely professional. Also, it is highly customizable to contain information about your business(like a logo and profile information) and suit your needs. We also believe that we are in the modern age and we have the technology, no more manual generation of your label SEO report, we decided to automate the process. This means that with our tool, the hard work is done for you in a few clicks and the report is generated and ready for download in a matter of seconds.

 What features does our White Label Report offer :

  • Highly customizable: Your report can be customized with your business logo or your professional logo in order to make it look like your own brand.
  • Best Formats: We provide our brand custom white label reports in HTML, pdf and excel formats which can easily be downloaded and accessed on various platforms with just a click.
  • No Tedious work required: There is absolutely almost no work required to be done other than a few clicks of your mouse and your very informative report will be generated and ready for download. As simple as that.
  • Easily Understood: We understand that some of you are not technically/SEO inclined. This is why we took time to design our report in a manner that even a newbie would be able to interpret and understand.

NAP Consistency and Citations have been a strong ranking factor for local search since inception. To make sure you get the maximum out o this citations, we integrated it into the report in order for you to be able to monitor your citations regularly. Also, marketing locally cannot be over-emphasized for both small and big business with the true intent to grow. It is also very cost-effective. Many small companies have used their local search engines to rapidly increase their rankings thereby boosting their sales.

Let’s help you get started today and let us help you generate your best white label report that would definitely convert to sales in the nearest future. This is because we don’t just help you create just any white label brand, We add the right information to you white label report for you to watch in order for your business sales skyrocket! Make sure you ORDER RIGHT NOW.

Citation Audit is a careful analysis of top directory sites for inventory of business existing citations.

NAP simply means your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number in the order.

When we talk about the analyzing Competitors citation, We mean studying your competitor’s citation

You know by now that if your business has a physical store, It would be of great benefits

Even the top successful brands know that focusing on boosting their local search engine ranking