Analyze Competitor's Citation

When we talk about analyzing competitors citation, we mean studying your competitor’s citation on top business directories to understand their strategies and what you need to beat them and rank higher than them to generate more sales. We understand that every niche has competitors  regardless of how long you have been in business. Beating your competitor when it comes to Local SEO, ranking is very important. It can also rapidly increase your business sales by a significant rate.

Knowing where you rank in relation to your competitors cannot be over-emphasized. Many a time, new business competitors are no-where close to ranking for the highly competitive keywords in their niche. This makes it difficult to generate sales. Sometimes, people submit their business site to a few sites manually and expect to rank for the competitive keywords. This is not possible. You must understand what the top competitors in your niche are doing and do more than them to rank for the highly competitive keywords which in turn brings you sales.


This is why we have integrated our systems to generate your Niche’s top five competitors and display their number of citations, DA, review count, and photos in the order. We also compare the NAP data you provide with over 50 business directory sites. We then display the number of citations each competitor has on each directory. This way, you can easily spot where your NAP is inconsistent and prioritize which sites you want to fix first. We also made the interface easy so that you can easily fill in your information and understand the results displayed.

What we guarantee you:

The Right Citations: We identify which citations you can trust, and which ones might actually hurt you. We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business.
Guaranteed Information Quality:  Quality is our first priority we check, then check again to ensure that your information is entered carefully and accurately.
Quick Turn-around:  We have a streamlined process and a dedicated team to ensure your report will be delivered to you in specified time frame.
Get your Citation Indexed:  We use paid services like indexification and backlinksindexer to index every citation in a drip feed manner.
Manual Submissions:  We don’t use any software to automate the process of submitting your site listing to directories that matter. Our professional team does this manually to ensure the quality of this service.
Directories that matter:  We make sure we choose directories from our extensive list of directories in order to list your business so that your listings matter.
Beautiful Reports:  Our reports are displayed to you in a beautiful manner and detailed manner which can be easily understood.
Constant support:  We make sure we are always within reach and we keep constant communication with you.
Ordering from us today does not only ensure your listings are on the top business sites like Google and Yelp but are also there in a timely manner. We have also programmed our tool to detect duplicate content making it highly reliable. We also make sure we keep the NAP format in mind while submitting your listing to these top business directories. With our tool, you not only successfully spy on your competitors but also enhance your business success rate.

With all these, you are absolutely in safe hands and you can absolutely beat your competitor today and if you want to do so, Order Now! and we’ll be grateful to help you rank higher and increase your sales.

You can check out our free tool and check if your business is listed.

Citation Audit is a careful analysis of top directory sites for inventory of business existing citations.

NAP simply means your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number in the order.

You know by now that if your business has a physical store, It would be of great benefits

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